Mood is everything

by michellerogers on March 20, 2009

When we work with our seniors we find that those individuals and/or couples who have a positive attitude and great mood are less likely to be depressed.  If they are depressed what can we do to help them through the process plus change their mood?

We recently took a Nintendo Wii game to a senior residential community.  Many of the residents immediately got involved.  There was a  woman who did not socialize much with the other residents in the community and typically sat off to the side observing.  As the other residents played the various Wii games, the woman became intrigued and decided she wanted a turn.  Her change of heart immediately changed her mood in fact so much so that she continued to stay engaged with the game and the residents.

 The point to the story is we need to open up the possibilities for our seniors and work to find interest that will spark engagement and change their mood and attitude.   Once we find effective ways to help, you or your loved ones can remain happy and vibrant throughout the golden years.

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