Campaign Encourages Seniors to Use Free Medicare Diabetes Test

by michellerogers on May 29, 2009

Pre-diabetes is a growing concern for older Americans. While Medicare pays for free screening, too few seniors take advantage of this, says actress Olympia Dukakis. She and her husband, actor Louis Zorich, have launched a campaign to get more seniors screened.

 The actress and her husband recently were screened for diabetes and learned Lou has the disease. “We found out that Lou has type 2 diabetes and now we can deal with it right away. Now I remind him to eat healthy and get some exercise. He knows I’m doing it for the right reasons,” Dukakis said.

 Less than 10 percent of people with Medicare have taken advantage of the diabetes screening benefit, reports.

 The couple teamed with Novo Nordisk, a leader in diabetes care, to encourage adults 65 and older to ask their healthcare provider for the Medicare diabetes test.

 They launched the “Ask. Screen. Know” campaign to educate others about Medicare’s free diabetes screening benefit. They want caregivers to remind their loved ones who are 65-plus to ask their doctors to get screened for diabetes and to know their blood sugar levels.

 Information about the campaign is available at

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