Elder Abuse

by michellerogers on June 22, 2009

Elder abuse afflicts tens of thousands of seniors.  Our seniors are  abused in more ways and it is sad when you realize that someone frail that raised and loved a child is now being taken advantage of at a time when they need love and TLC.  Over the next week my posting are going to focus on the areas of abuse to build awareness.

Today I am going to talk to physical abuse.  Physical abuse is no accident.  Physical abuse brings pain, impairment and/or injury to an individual.  Physical abuse not only includes hitting or pushing but can include inappropriate drugs, or restraining someone as well as confinement.

If you notice or find bruises, scars, dislocations, broken bones, or other noticable welts, rope marks, broken glasses there is a possibility of physical abuse.  Physical abuse can also mean over/under medicating an individual to take control. 

If you find a caregiver who is not allowing you to be alone with the elder that should be a red flag too.

If you notice or find something suspicious then begin to make notes including dates and times.  If you are not sure what to do then call Adult Protective Services (APS) in your area.

For more information on this topic visit http://ag.ca.gov/bmfea/pdfs/citizens_guide.pdf or if you need to think about home care due to stress and relief ,consider a full care service agency, visit www.homeinstead.com/mountainviewca about what home care can provide as a service to you and your loved one.

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