Elder Emotional Abuse

by michellerogers on June 23, 2009

Today’s posting talks to emotional abuse, verbal and non-verbal. This form of abuse has people either speaking or treating a person abusively  that causes emotional distress because of their action(s).

Verbal abuse can be someone yelling, threatening, ridiculing and/or humiliating to the point the elder has reached their emotional limitation and is completely stressed out.

Non-verbal abuse is when someone isolates the elder from friends, family and/or activities.  The family member or caregiver ignores the senior or terrorizes the person.

Other emotional abuse can mean that someone is threatening, controlling or putting down the elder.  If you find or observe the senior acting strangely, retreating, talking to themselves or finding ways to go inward pay attention and observe how they are acting.  Engage in conversation and listen to what and how the elder is responding.

If you are not sure what to do reach out to your local community for support and help.  Call adult protective services and report your observations, it can be intimidating but remember we need to protect our seniors.

If you find yourself entering into this area and are frustrated get involved with a support caregiving group.  You are not alone.  Family caregivers easily get stressed and find themselves acting in a way that they feel guilty.  Recognize the signs and find solutions that make sense for your situation.

For more information on home care and taking the guilt out of the equation visit our website www.homeinstead.com/mountainviewca or for information on caregiving visit www.caring.com

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