Health care Fraud & Abuse

by michellerogers on July 9, 2009

I never thought about the possibilities of health care abuse but it is out there.  Yes even doctors, nurses, hospital personnel and other care providers can have a hand at abuse and fraud.

Some examples include a doctor charging for services without actually performing services.  We know fraud is a hot topic especially with all the news lately on health care reform.  Professionals double-billing or over charging for services is an example.

Doctors who over or under medicate.  Medical professionals accepting kickbacks.  Even though this blog is dedicated to seniors, Michael Jackson’s tragic ending demonstrates health care abuse at its best.

Earlier this week someone was telling me about a couple who lived in a senior community and recently relocated to a new establishment, what I learned is the mattress was moldy and dirty.  This is not only health care abuse but physical and emotional as well.

Get involved, review the bills, talk with your loved one’s doctor and learn about why a certain medicine is being prescribed.  We need to advocate!

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