by michellerogers on August 24, 2009

On Saturday we participated at the annual Avenidas Caregiving Conference.  I am always surprised to see how many attendees are looking for resources and solutions for their loved ones.

We had a number of conversations with individuals who are caring and in many cases living with their family member.  However, they are learning that caregiving is and can be years of commitment.  When the caregiver finds themselves providing full time care they struggle with how to manage their time.  Many of our family caregivers are still employed and are challenged with balancing work and home.  What we heard on Saturday is the same story just a different face and name. 

Comments from caregivers. I need a break. Where do I turn for support?  I never thought I would be caring for my family member and am concerned I might be in this position for many years.  My daughter recently helped me and said “Mom I don’t know how you are providing full time care, I was exhausted”. This is more difficult than raising children! I am caring for my parent, my siblings are not available to help.

When caring for an aged family member the need comes out of no where.  One day everything is okay and the next day it lands on you and it is time for action.  Let the chaos begin! 

If you have an aging family member please consider doing research and start planning.  One way is to purchase a work book solution from LiveSmart Elder Care.  Go to and begin creating your resources and solutions.  I cannot emphasize enough how important taking steps today will enable you to make choices and decisions that make sense when the time comes.  Otherwise decisions will be made at a moment’s notice and the decision might not be the best one at the time.

When I am in conversations with individuals it breaks my heart to see the pain they are in and struggle to find the balance.  I believe caregiving is the most difficult job we will find ourselves involved with in our lifetime. Be proactive not reactive!

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