Seeking Help for the Senior in Your Life

by michellerogers on August 7, 2009

Yesterday a couple stopped by our office after being referred to us by a local Doctor.  The time was spent listening to their story, about loosing a Father and how now to protect a Mother who has been diagnosed with dementia.  They are looking for solutions to shed the guilt and somehow reclaim their lives. Does this sound familiar?

As we  listened I realized part of the visit was an opportunity for them to tell their story of the last year.  A couple of times I had to steel myself from shedding a tear or two.  The Father took a physical turn last year and passed in June.  His wife is devastated as her partner, friend, companion and lover is no longer around to banter, hold hands, discuss various topics, laugh, cry, eat, walk and anything else you can think of you do with your spouse/significant other.  Oh I should also mention they physically live out of the area which adds another dynamic and complexity to now caring for Mother.

I told them I applauded them for reaching out for support and help.  I find people go into believing they can handle the caregiving duties themselves and later find they are exhausted, frustrated and not sure where to turn.  Remember seeking out help for your family member is an opportunity for managing care more effectively. It is okay to bring in support in fact people who do find a healthy balance.

We are looking forward to provide home care which in turn will support the entire family needs in the weeks and months ahead.

Great resources include your local Council on Aging, Alzheimer Association, Alzheimer Foundation, and senior centers.

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