Stroke Survivor

by michellerogers on August 19, 2009

We have a client who is a stroke survivor.  During the last year of his recovery he has been depressed which has impacted his mood and relationship with his wife.  A few months ago we introduced the WII and all I can say is WOW! 

He immediately picked up on the motion to play the various games. Since the introduction of the  games we are now engaging the client and his wife weekly or bi-weekly.  The outcome has been significant in so many wonderful ways. 

First the WII has introduced movement and exercise improving his mobility.  His wife called us recently commenting about the improvement of her husband’s mood.  She was/has been surprised with the change in their conversations.  The WII has also introduced time for them to enjoy and play the games together, creating a different and special interaction.  All of these activities have also introduced a different relationship with our CAREGiver and Client because of the engagement and socialization.  The other positive outcome is their children have reported an incremental improvement in their health and mood as well.

There are so many wonderful lessons if we are willing to listen, and think about introducing activities.  One activity may not work for another client but until we reach out and engage our seniors we’ll never know what enjoyment and pleasure they may get out of activities like the WII games!

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