When A Senior Needs Help & Won't Ask

by michellerogers on August 26, 2009

Does the title sounds familiar? Yesterday I received a call from a business colleague whose in-laws need home care. She asked me the $64 million question, how can I convince them and/or what can I say to them to move forward with care?

I have to admit I chuckled and responded (not disrespectfully), if I had the golden answer, well let’s just say I would not have another worry in the world!

How do we get our loved ones to embrace home care? In discussing in more detail her situation I suggested she contact his doctor. She asked which doctor, he has 4 or 5 due to various health conditions? Then the conversation went from which doctor, to a discussion about are the doctors collaborating with each other on the meds he is consuming (a discussion topic for another time).  Okay so let’s go back to the first question, home care.

I suggested contacting his primary physician and bringing the doctor into the fold about recent developments.  The recent development was he fell while outside down a hill.  He sprang his wrist but we all know this could have been a more serious outcome.  I also learned from our conversation this was his second fall in a week. I presented her with the idea of introducing a resource from the community to help with the conversations about home care, why and how home care for seniors could bring support for everyone and add to the safety of the primary senior needing care.

This conversation seems so basic and yet it is one of the most challenging aspects we encounter every day.  I wish I had the golden equation = answer to give people.  My business colleague has been dealing with this situation for months and the current situation will not be remedied anytime soon. If you have comments and ideas please let me know, I would enjoy learning your ideas!

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