Social Connections Correlate with Better Reported Health in Seniors

by michellerogers on September 4, 2009

Older adults who have stronger social support networks are more likely to report better overall health compared with those lacking adequate social interaction and emotional support, a new study finds.

The study looked at the difference social support may have on how community-dwelling elders report their health status, according to an article in Medical News Today. Researchers found that older persons who reported they needed more support also reported having poorer health, while those who were satisfied with the support available to them reported better health.

“With an estimated 7.6 million older adults feeling the need for more emotional support in America, awareness of the ongoing potential scope of the problem helps evaluate whether providers of health and social services to older persons are adequately prepared to address these health needs,” authors of “Social Support and Self-Reported Health Status of Older Adults in the United States” report.

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