Senior Abuse

by MichelleR on July 12, 2010

Each year we do presentations and bring resources into our company to talk about this topic, abusing seniors.  Why is it we think it is okay to abuse others? 

According to a report from Sam Houston State University (obtained here via a Canadian PR Web site), “Each year, more than two million Americans 65 or older are exploited or abused by someone they depend on for care”—with this situation frequently involving financial abuse of some sort.  Moreover, Victoria Titterington, criminal-justice professor and expert in elder abuse, said that, “We know the actual number of cases is in the millions, far more than are actually reported.”  She offered an interesting explanation about why this type of fraud is so frequently perpetrated against seniors by their own family: “Some exploit their parents financially because they feel it is owed them after caring for” these older adults.  Read the article.

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