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by MichelleR on September 1, 2010

Recently KRON reported a gentleman with Alzheimer’s who went out for a walk and after a period of time his wife became concerned.  Fortunately she had purchased a GPS watch and was able to locate him 2 miles from their home.  What happens when someone with Alzheimer’s goes out for a walk and cannot find their way back?  GPS equipment solutions bring peace of mind to family members. 

Here is how one company Comfort Zone works:

Comfort Zone is a Web application that includes a location-based mapping service. This term refers to a wide range of services that provide information about a person’s location. A person with Alzheimer’s wears or carries a locator device (such as a pager or wrist-worn device) or mounts one in his or her car.

  • As the person walks or drives around town or for that matter outside their area, the device receives signals from satellites or nearby cell towers. The device communicates with the Comfort Zone Web application.
  • Families can access information about the person’s location by using the Internet or calling the monitoring center.

You can also decide on the level of monitoring, such as verifying location from a computer; receiving alerts when the person has traveled in or out of a zone; or just emergency assistance if there is a wandering incident.

WEB Support includes the ability to:

  • Scheduled day and night zones
  • Additional trip zone, to set up another zone when vacationing or visiting another location.
  • Zone exit and enter alerts
  • Find Me current locates, to see a person’s location on a map.
  • Follow Me constant tracking, to follow a person’s movements on a map for a 60-minute session.
  • Alerts via text, e-mail
  • Location history
  • Privacy management

Plus these additional services:

  • Emergency medical health record by MedicAlert Foundation
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • 24/7 location assistance
  • 24/7 care consultation
  • Application support
  • MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return® bracelet
  • Alzheimer’s Association resources

Though I am not endorsing Comfort Zone I thought highlighting this specific technology is an opportunity to make you aware of tools available to make our seniors safe within their environment.

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