Seniors Losing A Loved One

by MichelleR on September 3, 2010

I learned earlier today that one of our client’s passed last night unexpectedly.  It is difficult when you come to know the client and family members.  Then I started thinking about his wife who has dementia and spent the last 60+ years married to him raising their family.  It’s what is familiar to her. How will she cope especially having dementia?  I remember when my Grandfather passed my Grandmother was sad and missed him terribly.  Even though they would banter back and forth, they cherished their relationship and had wonderful stories about their lifetime together!  My Grandmother in her own way was lost without my Grandfather.

Someone said to me the other day, aging is really not a graceful process and we aren’t prepared for the changes that we go through as we age. I couldn’t agree more!

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