Senior Housing

by MichelleR on October 7, 2010

Last night I attended an open house for low income seniors.  What was special is an organization called Senior Housing Solutions bringing updated and appealing homes for seniors to live in.

Since 2004 they have added 9 houses to their housing stock. This growth represents an 80% increase in services to seniors who must survive solely on their Social Security Retirement income. They have accomplished this growth with just 3 full-time employees. Their plan is to open a minimum of 2 houses a year. By 2020 their target will be 25 houses in operation offering 172 seniors whose income is less than $1,000 a month truly affordable housing that includes support services. Rent is kept at just 30% of income ensuring residents will never have to worry about a rent increase beyond their ability to pay.

We need organizations like Senior Housing Solutions because they think outside the box and as our senior population increases we are going to need to get creative.  Check out their site!

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