Seniors and Phone Scams

by MichelleR on November 3, 2010

Because this scam happened to our Client last week I felt it was a good reminder to post a blog on how seniors are giving money based on a telephone call.

Last week our CAREGiver, who works with our Client called to report an interesting phone call they received.  Our CAREGiver said that there was a young man crying on the phone claiming to be her Grandson needing bail money. The “Grandson” put a “Police Officer” on the phone explaining how she should get the money to her Grandson. She was instructed to not go through a bail bonds company because that would only cause trouble for her Grandson. This is because bail must be paid directly to the court either by the person or by a third party bail bondsman. Instead, the “Officer” insisted that she wire the money through Western Union.  The Grandson pleaded to Client not to tell anyone about this because he was embarrassed and ashamed of himself.  Both our Client and CAREGiver were very convinced of this story as the Officer was giving accurate names and addresses.  Client told the Grandson and Officer that she would need to get some money together and to call back in a couple of hours.  As soon as she hung up with them, our CAREGiver told her to call her son to check on her Grandson and to call the Police.  Client called her son and he told her that her Grandson was asleep in his room.


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