Sibling Caregiving Dynamics for Successful Elderly Support

by MichelleR on April 21, 2011

Earlier today I was being interviewed for an upcoming article.  I was reminded about a recent meeting I had with a geriatric care manager who is also a daughter.  She was sad and frustrated because she and her sister no longer speak.  The dynamics of caring for Dad changed their relationship possibly forever.

The Interviewer was asking me how can family’s avoid the negative dynamics and outcome?  I responded by first communicating with each other early on to avoid future breakdowns.  Engage with outside resources that can stay objective and help family caregivers see the big picture and how each sibling might take on a certain aspect of caregiving.

At the end of the day we need to support and be strong for each other in order to provide a high level of care for Mom and Dad.

Learn more about caregiving dynamics among siblings.


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