Aging Adults in Cupertino CA Turn to Home Care

by MichelleR on June 3, 2011

A few days ago we received a call from a Cupertino, CA resident inquiring about in-home care services for his folks that live in Cupertino.  He requested that we meet over the holiday weekend.  I went out on Sunday and introduced our caregiving services.

As we discussed home care, I was reminded that our parent’s are not interested in care, even though we age to the point that some additional care is needed to help out around the home.  People are in denial about sensitive issues like driving or making sure they have a balanced nutritional meal. I commented to the son different name and face, familiar story!

I struggle with how we combat this area of concern. I would welcome your comments and suggestions on how we work with our seniors to bring care to them all the while respecting their wishes and honoring their dignity.


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