Elders Swap Independence for Safe Ride

by MichelleR on September 9, 2011

I read about CarTrade Benefits in the American Society on Aging and you to may find this service valuable for your aging loved one. For more information on a solution that may fit everyone’s needs and concerns.

Independent Transportation Network® (ITN) allows seniors to maintain their independence and their dignity. With safe transportation, older adults remain vital to the economic and social health of their communities. Mobility empowers them. They stay connected to family, friends and community. Businesses retain their valuable customers, and more importantly, adult children find relief from a daunting and complex problem.

ITN provides rides with door-to-door, arm-through-arm service to thousands of seniors nationwide. It’s a truly innovative solution with unique programs that allow older people to trade their own cars to pay for rides, and enable volunteer drivers to store transportation credits for their own future transportation needs. ITN’s Road Scholarship Program converts volunteer credits into a fund for low-income riders, and the gift certificate program helps adult children support their parents’ transportation needs from across the street or across the nation.

Here is the website for more information check out http://www.itnamerica.org/

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