Silver Alert

by MichelleR on January 11, 2013

National Silver Alert Program

What is the Silver Alert Program?

Silver Alert is modeled after the Amber Alert; It is an emergency system in which law enforcement can broadcast regional or statewide alerts for missing seniors and/or other adults with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive disorders. A growing number of states are enacting laws that call for the development of the Silver Alert program and some have implemented their own notification systems.

The National Silver Alert Program:
• Is a FREE, national, online registration program.
• Can speak for you when you cannot.
• Is open to ALL Senior Citizens and individuals with Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down’s Syndrome, brain injuries and other cognitive disorders, regardless of age.
• Provides a safe and secure place to store vital personal, medical, health and caregiver information which will be easily accessible in the event of an emergency.

Benefits of Registering in the National Silver Alert Program
Ability to Record:
• Color photograph
• Vital personal information
• Vital health information
• Vital medical information
• Vehicle information
• Caregiver information Members can also include:
• Multiple Physicians
• Multiple Emergency Contacts
• Multiple Vehicles
• Medications
• Surgical Procedures
• Conditions
• Allergies
• Living Will

All information is stored in a secure, (SSL encryption), online database, and is only shared with emergency responders and medical facilities in the event of an emergency via the National Silver Alert call center’s 24/7, toll-free, emergency phone number.

The information will provide emergency responders with a baseline from which to begin treatment, as well as the ability to contact personal physicians and loved ones in the event of a wandering incident or a medical emergency.

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