Avenidas 2nd Annual Financial Conference

by MichelleR on February 8, 2013

This January we had the opportunity to once again sponsor the Avenidas Second Annual Financial Conference. The theme of the day was “Formulating Your Fiscally Fit Retirement.” Throughout the day local financial experts gave one hour seminars on various topics including:  estate planning, household money management, costs of long-term care, & Medicare, among many other topics. Additionally, local professionals from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Network offered free, 30-minute consultations for those in attendance.

Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the entire day was the Keynote Address by local celebrity Michael Finney from ABC7 News. Michael Finney is well known for ABC/s “7 On Your Side” consumer unit that investigates and uncovers government and industry wrongdoing, bringing important information to consumers. Mr. Finney was able to provide some of his best tips for “Savvy Seniors.”

Mr. Finney began by outlining some of the most common scams he sees affecting seniors in the Bay Area:

  • Veteran’s Aid & Assistance
  • the “Grandparent’s Scam”
  • the “Annuity Scam”
  • the Microsoft Scam
Each of these scams targets the senior population & there are some very easy ways to identify them:
  • Be wary speaking to strangers on your land line. If someone you do not know is calling you on your home phone, they have likely pulled you from a listing.
  • Do NOT provide any identifying information to anyone over the phone. With many of these scams, they have fallen on you by chance and are hoping that you will slip up and provide the information they need.
  • Never, ever, ever provide your Social Security number or account numbers over the phone.
  • If someone claims to be your relative, check with other family members of their where-abouts.
Michael was also able to provide some fun tips:
  • Use Kayak.com for trip planning purposes. They will alert you of the cheapest rates available.
  • Book flights on Tuesday & Wednesday at 3 PM. These are the days people are least likely to book, so airlines offer the best deals.
  • If you are looking for a new leather jacket, visit Goldean Bear Sportswear in San Francisco. Although this is the factory, they offer their premium jackets at major discounts!  http://www.goldenbearsportswear.com/
A great thanks to all of those at Avenidas & all of the local professionals who made the day a great success!

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