The Cost of Dying- by Lisa M. Krieger

by MichelleR on May 10, 2013

The Cost of Dying is a 9 part series inspired by Reporter, Lisa M. Krieger’s father.  The Cost of dying investigates the emotional and financial costs of a person’s final days.  Through powerful stories, Krieger attempts to clarify the mystery of, “The excruciating medical choices that so many of us face – but so few of us understand -”  She hopes to bring to light one of modern medicine’s most difficult dilemmas: Just because it’s possible to prolong a life, should we?

What a great, and controversial question!  The response and debate could go on forever.

For my next several blog entries, I will break down this 9 part series and highlight the most significant areas.  But, before I start, you may want to start with the following information:

As a result of this series, there was a Cost of Dying app that was created, (A FREE APP!)  It contains the essential information to start navigating end-of-life concerns; sharing tips about making medical decisions, to avoiding needless expenditures, to spending your final days in comfort.  This app offers resources for Hospice and palliative care programs that make it possible to die at home.  The developers have also compiled data showing which California hospitals hold down costs.  Legal forms are hardly “reader friendly”, but this app has also included an interactive, easy to read introduction to end-of-life legal forms. Download this app if you are experiencing the emotional roller coaster of a loved one, or your self facing terminal illness.  Making sure all the little details are taken care of before death can be extremely overwhelming and even paralyzing.  The guidance and support of this app may be able to offer some relief.

So often, even when families are expecting the death of a loved one, they are hardly ever truly prepared for all that is involved in their loved one’s passing.


~Live life~

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