Safety First

by michellerogers on March 13, 2015

CAREGivers hold great responsibility in keeping their loved ones and clients safe.  Our CAREGivers at Home Instead Senior Care take this responsibility very seriously.  They know that they must always be on alert and aware of safety risks and potential dangers in and around a senior’s home.  Their ability  to anticipate and identify potential problems can lead to solutions to help prevent accidents and harm.

Recently, there were two situations with two separate clients that put our CAREGiver’s safety awareness to the test.

Last week, a CAREGiver and her client were doing their normal routine.  They left the house in the afternoon to go to a class at the local YMCA.  Upon returning home, they found that the house had been broken into.  Before they left, the CAREGiver made sure that all doors and windows were locked.  The officers confirmed the robbers jimmied the dead bolt and kicked the door in.  Fortunately all that was taken from the home was costume jewelry and an outdated camera.

A couple of days later there was another incident, this one happened at night.  The CAREGiver had just helped her client into bed not too long ago.  She was sitting in the living room and saw a small shadow run by the window that faced the backyard.  Not too long after that she heard someone trying to open a door (all doors were locked).  The CAREGiver called the Police to report an intruder.  They came to the home and did a search inside and out; they did not find anyone.  All of this happened and the client was left undisturbed, fast asleep.

With these two incidents happening back to back, I just thought it would be a good idea to give a little reminder that we should always be aware and alert of our surroundings- no matter what you are doing or who you are with.  We get so comfortable in our routines that sometimes we do things on automatic pilot.  Then, when we try to remember if we did or did not do something, we can’t remember.

Here is a short list of reminders for safety in the client’s neighborhood:

-Be alert when you arrive and leave the clients home.  Take mental notes of the immediate surroundings; familiarize your self with neighborhood cars, residents, and just the area in general so you can notice when something seems to be out of place or suspicious.

-Keep doors locked

-Turn outside lights on after dark

-Do not leave valuables in your car; keep your car locked while you are inside the home

-Be careful when answering the door; look to see who it is before opening; ask your client if they are expecting anyone; ask the person at the door for id if you feel the need.  And remember, you DON’T HAVE TO ANSWER THE DOOR!

-Call the office if you have any concerns about visitors

-Call 911 if you feel like there is an immediate danger.

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