When everything is going wrong

by michellerogers on April 20, 2015

If you have ever been a CAREGiver, you are well aware that behavioral and/or cognitive challenges can arise at any given minute.  Even the most skilled CAREGiver with the highest level of patience can become overwhelmed and feel at a loss.  These challenges can be increasingly difficult if your loved one, or client has some form of Dementia.

Whether you are a family CAREGiver or a professional CAREGiver working for an agency, sometimes CAREGivers can get into a slump; possibly because of fatigue, depression, your own health concerns, or maybe you are lacking a social life because you are dedicating so much of your time to make sure your loved one or client is being well taken care of and getting every thing that they need at this vulnerable time in their lives.  These circumstances can make it difficult to take action when it is needed; judgement can become clouded and decisions are made based off of intense emotions instead of calm, rational thinking.

One of the most important things you can do in these situations-  RECOGNIZE IT!  Take advantage of respite care opportunities.  If you are a family CAREGiver, call on your family or friends to give you a much needed break.  If your friends and family cannot help you out, there are other resources; call your local Home Instead Senior Care franchise and we will set you up with a quality CAREGiver to care for your loved one and allow you to care for YOU.  If you are a professional CAREGiver and are in need of respite care of your current client, call your Home Instead office for support and let us know that you need a break!  No matter what your situation is, there is always someone out there that can help.

Here are some “stress relief” ideas for you:

#1  YOU know YOU! So you know what works best for you

-Take a day off and do what ever you want!  Take time to do those things that bring you happiness!

-Call a friend and vent

-Read an uplifting book

-Be able to laugh about it- what ever IT is.  Finding the humor or the bright side of something can be tough, but in the end it allows you to let some of the negativity go.

-Have a good therapeutic cry… just not in front of your loved one/client  :)

-If you are in the situation and cannot leave- Give the person space; or allow yourself 5-10 minutes to collect yourself.

-If feasible, change up the routine a little bit.  Routines can create ruts.  Sometimes we need something different to re energize ourselves.

*** Be humble enough to accept help and support.



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