Sunday Dinner

by michellerogers on May 8, 2015

For most seniors, it’s not about what’s on their plate that mattesunday dinnerrs most at meal time- It’s who’s at the table!

The tradition of Sunday dinner used to be sizzling, these days, it seems to be fizzling.  It’s important that the younger generations bring Sunday dinner back to the table.

You see, it’s not just about filling our bellies, it’s about nourishing our souls.

So, is it the food that is comforting, or is it family that is comforting?


Sitting around the dinner table with family is very important- No matter what day it is!  It doesn’t have to be Sunday.  It gives family an opportunity to become closer,  make great memories, learn about one another, catch up on life.

Research conducted by Home Instead, Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care® network, indicates that the
frequency of sit-down dinners with senior relatives has decreased for a majority of families. Half of surveyed families feel
they do not have enough sit-down dinners with their senior relatives who live near them. Only four out of 10 (39%) families with senior relative living close by currently share Sunday dinners on a multigenerational level. Conflicting schedules (52%) and time constraints (40%) were reported as the biggest barriers to having regular weekly sit-down meals with a senior loved one.  It’s important to recognize that sharing meals can help improve a senior’s quality of life.

Sit down family dinners can help seniors deal with loneliness, the loss of friends or loved ones, depression, health issues, poor diet, social isolation, and can encourage them to share any concerns they may be having.

What’s stopping you from making time?  Will you pledge to bring back Sunday dinners?



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