One word holds all of the power!

by michellerogers on June 27, 2015

What if one thing could improve your life in ways that you have always dreamed of?  What if that one thing was as simple as ONE WORD and this one word could mean the difference between constantly trying to clear hurdles and new found success?  The authors of, One Word That Will Change Your Life, Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page live by this.  They declare that ONE WORD will inspire you to simplify your life by focusing on just one word for the entire year.  They say that if you do this with all your heart, One word can create clarity, power, passion, and life-change… but you must be willing and ready.

The book, One Word that will change your life, was introduced this year at our Home Instead Senior Care convention.  They felt it would be great to introduce to our teams, a concept that had the potential to get employees refocused and motivated!  So, each team member took a turn reading the book and came up with their word for the year- the word that was going to turn this year into the best year ever!  We also got together as a team and did some brainstorming searching for a word that we could use as a team.  After going back and forth and giving some thought, we decided our team word is going to be GRACIOUS- because in the midst of the challenges that come along with caregiving, a little grace will go a long way.

We also did this activity with our CAREGivers at a quarterly meeting.  The overall feedback from this activity has been so positive and our CAREGivers were so open and honest about the word they chose for themselves and why.  The office staff shared what their word was and why.  This activity was a great way to bond and get to know each other a bit more.  It doesn’t stop there.  Part of succeeding with your One Word is having a great support system; we have captured each person’s word (that participated) and we will make note of it and remind them of their word when we notice a moment of struggle or frustration.

If you want to find your word, I recommend getting a hold of the book and reading it.  It’s a great, quick, short read- well worth it if it has the power to change your life!


Keep your ONE WORD front and center!

Think of it as your vision, or theme for the year!  Simple is powerful!

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